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Holy Family Sisters broaden their Apostolic activities

Change of Direction

In the history of the Catholic Church in Jaffna, 1975, was a special year for our Congregation, the echoes of the Vatican Council together with the Holy Year Circular of the bishop and that of our Superior General, Sr. Mary Slaven. It halted us and enforced us to evaluate our life’s journey and mission. In keeping with this, each sisters was invited to draw up a personal project after evaluating the social and economical life-style, vital needs in her milieu and into insert herself among the people. These evaluation and personal projects were analyzed at the Provincial Chapter. In this Jubilee year, there was the birthing of a variety of new directions and changes in the Congregation.

Many-faceted vocations/calls

The big Family of Pierre Bienvenu Noailles which consists of four large Groups, only the Apostolic group was functioning in the Church in Jaffna. In 1975 realizing the needs of the Church and aware that the Apostolic Group is complemented by the other Groups, we longed to establish the other three Groups. When we disclosed our desire to the Bishop we joyfully accepted it and gave the necessary permission to establish it. – The fruit of this endeavour was the establishment of the Contemplative Group which prays day and night for the needs of the world in Manipay. – That same year we were able to start the Secular Group that lives the consecrated life without any outward sign or symbol in their families or society like a leaven. – With these two Groups the Lay Associates Group was formed, they will the Holy Family spirituality and imitate the life of the First Christians. Today, we can see our Congregation growing and spreading like a mother embracing all state of life and bringing, all into the one family of God.

Towards the backward villages

Children’s Home- Uruthirapuram

In keeping with their vocation and reading the Signs of the Time many Sisters opted to serve in backward areas. Our Convent started moving toward these places: Uruthirapuram, Karadipokku, Iranathivu, Talaimannar, Thandavanveli, Sorikalmunai and hill country. We who were giving priority to education started moving towards the formation of youth and teaching life skills. We also embarked on new projects like Human and Land development programmes. In response to the Bishop’s request we undertook the care of Mentally Retarded children at our Home ‘Ark’ in Uduvil.   Due to the ethnic riots the South we established a Convent in Kirisuttan, in the jungle area to work among the displaced people who had come from the South. The Bishops special love and concern for the orphan children, gave us the opportunity to open 15 of our Convents, to receive children supported by the Holy Childhood Society and to assist them in their education and vocational skills. In Mulaithivu, Kilinochchi, Mirusuvil, Parapankandal, bishop himself came forward and assisted us build and renovate the Homes for the orphaned children. The Bishop through his guidance and support encouraged us to open and run ‘Girls Leadership Training’ Centres in Pandaterruppu, Kilinochchi and , Parapankandal. The Holy Family Sisters of the Northern Province, being aware of the plight of the poor estate workers, especially their children, decided to go to their assistance. In 1962, the Sisters were installed in their little convent at Talawakelle by Bishop Paul Perera himself, who had once been the parish priest of that place. Encouraged by their success and the Bishop’s kindness, they began houses at Ragala in 1964, at Mattakelle in 1966, at Hali Ela in 1977 and at Haputale in 1979.

Promote Human Dignity & Communion


Non – Formal Education

Formal Education

Vocational Skills