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Opening of the New building for Pre- School in Jaffna Convent

The opening of the new building for the Pre-school in the Holy Family Convent, Jaffna took place on 30th May 2016 at 10.00 a.m.  Sr. Christa Mariathas, Provincial Leader of the Holy Family Sisters, Jaffna Unit,  the councilors, Rev. Fr. Diloshan who was the priest to blessing the building, parents of the Pre-school students, sisters from neighboring communities, and well-wishers participated in this event.

The kids welcomed them with the garlands the Sr. Christa, Provincial, Sr. Antoinette, Superior Holy Family Convent, Jaffna, Fr. Diloshan Mariathasan, Sr. Antonitta Mark Principal holy Family Convent, National School, Sr. Glory A’Kattar, former sister-in-charge of the Pre-school, Mr. William who was  in- charge of constructing this new pre-school.   As the garlanding was going on, in keeping with the custom of our people the fire was lit and the pot of milk was set to boil and overflow as a symbol of abundant blessing.

Then Rev. Fr. Deloshan started the blessing ceremony with a prayer service. As Fr. Diloshan was saying the prayers the started to boil over the pot and all the kids and the parents expressed their joy with the clap of hands. Christina one of the kids was invited to cut open the new building.  Then all were invited into the new building, the traditional lamp was lit by Sr. Christa, Fr. Diloshan, a parent, a teacher, the constructor Mr. William and a pre-school pupil.

A welcome speech was delivered by one of the pre-school pupil and this was followed by short entertainment presented by the pre-school students.  Sr. Christa was then invited to speak a few words to the parents who were present in the hall.  She gave an inspiring talk with a power point presentation.  Sr. Glory also expressed her thanks for the gift of this new pre-school by the PBN Fund and also to Sr. Christa and her Council members who had been instrumental in getting this dreamed project a reality.

All the participants were served with the milk that was boiled and with some snacks and the celebration came to a joyful end.