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Mother Helen Winter

Mother Helen Winter one of the first pioneer missionary who came to Sri Lanka in 1862, was the first Principal of the Holy Family School in Jaffna. She was a refined and cultured English Sister.   Under her leadership the School soon became a Jaffna’s leading academy for girls.   Besides, teaching the   English, Arithmetic etc. Embroidery, painting and music were taught in this School.  She ably directed the School and her work was highly recommended by the Inspectors of Schools.  She was Principal of this School from 1862 – 1891.  Holy Family Convent, Jaffna was the first establishment to send their pupils for the Trinity College Examination in music.  It started with 15 to 200 young European girls, 100 young Tamil girls and few of other religions.  A sewing class was started during her tenure of office and the Government Examination in 1863 proved satisfactory.