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Katuneriya, Marawila and Nainamadam

Convent in Katuneriya, Marawila and Nainamadam

The Convents of Katuneriya 1886, Marawila 1888 and Nainamadama 1896  were established respecitively.  In Katuneriya the Sisters had just a small room to live in; in Marawila , a well-to-do Catholic family offered them hospitality, and in Nainamadama the priest’s house was theirs in his absence.  But with heroic effort the building of new convents went on with the assistance of the people.  From the mission Centres the influence of the Sisters radiated to the adjacent villages which facilitated their missionary work.  All admired their dedicated lives, their spirit of poverty and charity towards the poor and the suffering.

The Holy Family Sisters turned their attention to the English school for girls at Chilaw only in 1906.  Its progress was slow because of the dearth of sufficiently trained English teachers among the Sisters.


In Chilaw


As said before, the Holy Family Sisters took charge of the English school for girls in 1906, with 115 pupils, the majority of whom were Catholics.  In 1924, the number of pupils was 118, and in 1932, it dropped to 98.  A rival Buddhist school, with well qualified teachers threatened to draw away the Catholic children.  It was at this juncture that the Holy Family Congregation handed over the school to the Apostolic Carmel Sisters.