Foundation in Wennappuwa

In 1880, Mother Josephine Batide went with some Sisters to Wennappuwa in search of a place for a foundation.  In 24th October 1884, Mother Angela and five Sisters of St. Peter moved to Wennappuwa, where they began a Convent.  The five Sisters were pious maidens of Wennappuwa area, who had lived a life devoted to educational work among the poor of the area, but later entered the Novitiate at Kurunegala.  They had therefore, some experience in teaching and served as the nucleus for the educational apostolate of the new group of Sisters.


The Sisters took charge of Wennappuwa Girls’ school from January 1885, with about 150 pupils.  On the 17th of February, 1890, the new building for the Novitiate  The Novitiate at Wennappuwa continued to be the most fertile training ground for over 600 Sisters till 1973, when it was transferred to Colombo.  The closing of the Novitiate and the amalgamation of the schools together with the present preference for ‘small communities’ called for a decentralizing of the large community into three small ones according to the service rendered.  To meet a crying need of the times the premises of Santa Maria School, were converted to a Home for the destitute, and a part of the Novitiate as a Home for the Elders.