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Many-faceted vocations

Many-faceted vocations/calls Growth of the Family of Pierre Bienvenu Noailles

The big Family of Pierre Bienvenu Noailles which consists of five large Groups, only the Apostolic group was functioning in the Church in Jaffna.  In 1975, realizing the needs of the Church and aware that the Apostolic Group is complemented by the other Groups we established the other four Groups.

The first Contemplative community which prays day and night for the needs of the world was established in 1973, 111 years, after the arrival of the Apostolic Sisters to Sri Lanka, it sprouted as a tiny shoot in Bolawalana, Negombo with two Sinhala and two Tamil Sisters.  In 1976, the 2nd Contemplative community was established in Manipay, Jaffna and there were five Sisters.    In 1991 the Sisters in the community in Manipay joined the Sisters at Nagoda to form one community.  In 2009, two Sri Lankan Contemplative Sisters, one Tamil and one Sinhala joined the Contemplative community is Posadas, Argentine.   At present there are 17 Contemplative Sisters at Nagoda – 12 perpetually professed, 5 temporary professed

In 1973, the Secular Group was initiated and formed to live their consecrated life without any outward sign or symbol, in their families or society like a leaven.   From 29th June 1977 – 1, 15th August 1977 – 1 to 17th February 1978 – 1, made their First Commitment.   At present there are 10 finally committed, 1 in Temporary Commitment, 2 in Formation.   One member is responsible for the Jaffna Group.

On 23rd February 1864 seven Lay Associates after 4 days of Retreat and after Bishop Semeria’s Holy Mass were received as Lay Associates.  On 09th April 1865- 38 children became Children of the Holy Family.  With these two Groups the Lay Associates Group was revived, they will live the Holy Family spirituality and imitate the life of the First Christians.  From 1866 – 1976 we have no records about the lay Associates.   After the General chapter in 1976, for the first time that the Lay Associate Group launched with a small leaflet that was circulated as the ‘Guideline for the life of the Lay Associates’.  In 1977- 7,  in 1978 – 16 and in 1980- 21 of them made their commitment.  In 2012 there are 14 Zones in the Jaffna Province with 305 committed members and 88 in Formation.

In 1977 the first Priest Associate made his Commitment and at present there are 13 committed priests and 21 in formation.  Today, we can see our Congregation growing and spreading like a mother embracing all state of life and bringing all into the one family of God.