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Convents in Wanni Area

Convents in Wanni Area

Though there are 6 Convents in this area only 4 Convents are mentioned in some detail to show how we have stretched our personnel and resources to minister to the people who needed are presence and services.




On the 22nd of May 1942, the sisters commenced their teaching ministry in the school where there were classes up to Grade V only with mud floor and a thatched roof.  But today they have classes up G.C.E. Ordinary Level and School is built and has became a Maha Vidyalayam.  In 1950 the School in the Convent premise became the Girls School.  The Sisters were engaged in: Education, Catechetical works, preparing for the Sacraments, orphanage, family visits, visiting the sick, rehabilitation of recent settlers and pastoral work.




On 17.05.1991 a Sister was teaching in the Puthukudiruppu R. School and was actively involved in the Pastoral work of the Parish.  20.01.1992 the Pre-School was opened.  They formed the Lay Associates and the children of the Holy Family. On 29.12. 1999, the new building was opened in Puthukudiruppu for the community to reside.   Puthukudiruppu has been a refuge for those affected by the war and by Tsunami and other natural disasters, and the Sisters of the Holy Family are accompanying them in their pain and loss, attending to their spiritual and temporal needs, education, Pastoral and Catechetical work.




In 1995 the Sisters arrived in Mulankavil and the work of building a temporary Convent too began.   On 20th March the Convent was opened and the Sisters were ministering in Iranamatha Nagar as well as in the neighbouring village called Nachchikuda. They were involved in education, Parish work, hospital visiting and other Pastoral works.  With the re-settlement of the people from 30/11/2009 School were re-opened and teaching Sisters reported for work in their respective Schools.    They are continuing their mission to the affected and traumatized people.  They are teaching in the School, preparing the people for the Sacraments, Counselling and supporting them to overcome their past experiences and to start anew a new life with faith and hope .




The Sisters lived in Valaipadu, on 5th July 1993, the Convent was opened.  This Convent was abandoned in 2008 – 2009 due to escalation of the war in the area, but it withstood all the bombing and shelling.  The Sister’s priority was for the education, teaching in the R. C. Tamil Mixed School, they were promoting the growth of the students.  In 2010, the sisters were are rendering their services to 268 Families in their region. Out of these only 35 are Catholic families.  In 2011, the Sisters shifted to their new building. The presence and the service these Sisters to the people in their milieu is unaccountable for the people have lost all that they possessed, besides that they have lost their near and dear ones, even some of their very limbs and are now disabled, they have lost their livelihood.