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Diocese of Badulla

Holy Family Sisters in the Diocese of Badulla



The Holy Family Convent was established in Haputale on the 5th of March 1979, the Holy Family Sisters were to work in the Haputale Parish.  Their main apostolate was to uplift the youth in the Estates, who were in a deprived and backward state.   They embarked on the mission of giving leadership training to the young boys and girls and vocational skills s.  In 1983 the Convent was closed due to the ethic problem and the Sisters were displaced.   In 1985, the Bishop of Badulla, invited the Sisters to Haputale and they resumed their apostolate.




In 1975 at the request of the Bishop two Sisters were sent to the Badulla Diocese to work in the USCOD Centre, which is a Socio Economic Development Centre of the Uva Province.  At first the Sisters lived in the USCOD Centre, later they shifted to Hali –Ela and there were four Sisters living the community.  This Centre catered to the needs of the youth in the rural areas, the villages and tea Estates.  Through this Centre they reached out to the people in distant villages and tea Estates to improve the living conditions and also to train the youth and young girls in some vocational skills to generate some income and be self-reliant.   In 1983, due the ethnic riots the Sisters had to flee from the area for security and the farm was looted and the USCOD Centre was burnt.


Diyatalawa Novitiate


This Novitiate was opened on the 07th January1993, Rt. Rev. Dr. Edmund Pieris OMI Bishop of Badulla.  The Novitiate in Ilavalai was transferred to ‘Nisanslaranaya’ Diyatalawa due to the insecure situation prevailing for young girls and boys in Jaffna.   From this date to this day it is the Novitiate for the Jaffna Province and on 14th Nov. 2006, the Joint Formation commenced and at present, it has become the Novitiate for the two Provinces – Colombo and Jaffna.