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Mission in Trincomalee

Mission in Trincomalee

On 2nd September 1881, four Sisters left for Trincomalee.  Though they faced many difficulties, the Bishop’s visit on 30th June 1882, gave them couragement to embark on their mission.


From 1882 though the number of students in the school was low yet they achieved very good results. In the examination held in July 1883 the students obtained very good results.  In 1884, they carried out their ministry in simplicity and in calmness.  In 1886, their mission in Trincomalee was progressing well.  When the OMI Fathers moved out from Trincomalee to Jaffna, the Holy Family Sisters too left Trincomalee and returned to Jaffna.


In the Eastern Province from 1967 the Sisters had Convents in Thandavanveli and Sorikalmunai, now they are in Jeyanthipuram and Sathurukondan.  In Sathurukondan they are working with the Rehabilitation of the Mentally challenged children.




On the 24th September 1967, the Holy Family Sisters set foot in Batticaloa.  .  The sisters got down to work rectifying marriages, reconciling and building up broken families, preparing the people for the Sacraments.  They conducted Needlework classes, ran a Pre-School and through these children they were able to reach out to the parents.  They have also formed a good number of Lay Associates and they have Priest Associates and some in contact and formation stage.  They are also teaching in the Govt. School attached to the Parish and are also working with the refugees and re-settled people in their area.




On 21st of February 1976, four Holy Family sisters arrived in Sorikalmunai with the After the arrival of the Sisters, there was a steady progress seen in the moral conduct and education of the children.  Even the among adults there were great improvement in their spiritual and social life.  There are young girls who have joined the religious life and are presently working in difficult areas. 



On 03.06.1986 this Home for Special Needs Children was ceremoniously opened and named “OZANAM”.  The responsibility of maintaining this Home was given over by the Holy Family Sisters.  In 1990, this Home had 09 children and 03 helpers.  A specially trained Sister in caring for the “Special Needs Children” joined the community.  In 2005 a Social Care Centre was put up to help older children   At present the Sisters are also engaged in Pastoral work in the nearby Parish Tannamunai.




On 12.02.1976, the Sisters went to the Iruthayapuram Parish, one of the biggest Parishes in Batticaloa with many sub-stations. Many of them live immoral life, lots of mixed marriages, lacking in education and our Sisters are rending their services to these people.  From 1989 – 1991 the Sisters were involved in Catechetical work and Pastoral work, they also helped some young women/girls to learn sewing and gave them some basic education.   In 1996 and 1997 their missions extended to the sub-stations Sahayapuram.   In 2007, a Children’s Home was put up and in January 2009 the Children residing at Thandavanvli Convent were shifted to this Home.




In 1995, the Holy Family Sisters responded to the invitation of Bishop of Trincomalee-Batticoloa to render their services to the people in this village.  Out of 1500 families only 600 are Catholic families, 800 Hindu families and 200 Muslim families and on 27th October 1998 the Convent was blessed and opened.  Our sisters are involved in the teaching in the Primary School and in the Govt. Hindu Maha Vidyalayam.