A project

A project begins to take shape

Pierre Bienvenu was particularly close to Mary. Had she not led him to Jesus? In thegarden at Issy there was a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Loreto and intended to be a reminder of the life of the Holy Family of Nazareth. The seminarians frequently visited it. Pierre Bienvenu also liked to pray there in prolonged contemplation of the Holy Family. Little by little he absorbed its values and dedicated himself definitively to it. He was granted a founding grace in this little chapel. It was there he conceived the idea of an “Association” a Spiritual Family that would be open to all states of life.
Its aim would be to seek God by following the example and the virtues of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. In this way he hoped to renew the society and the church of his time by reviving the spirit of the first christian communities. ch of Saint Sulpice.

Our Lady of Loreto, Martillac, France

Pierre Bienvenu had no idea when or with whom he was to realise this project  but he was conscious of being the recipient of a treasure that could only come from God. For the time being he pursued his studies and was ordained priest on 5 June 1819, the eve of the feast of the Blessed Trinity, in the church.