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consecrated Secular Vocation

Holy Family consecrated Secular Vocation

In the beginning the mission of Fr. Pierre Bienvenu Noailles was to strengthen and spread the faith in a society where faith had weakened.   The French revolution had affected the people in all strata of society, some were imprisoned, there were abandoned elders and children and a decline in the practice of the Faith.  People tried to help them to experience God’s love and did whatever service they could render, to improve their lives.  Having God’s Will as his goal in life and following the example of the Holy Family, he formed the Holy Family Association.  Today the Holy Family Association has different vocations and they are render their services in many countries in the world.


Let us look more deeply into the Holy Family Consecrated Secular vocation.  These women have consecrated themselves to a Secular way of life.   They belong to one of the five vocations in the Holy Family.  They do not live in communities or observe the rules and norms of a Convent life, but like lay people in their milieu observing the culture and customs, they live a life in keeping with their rules and live the mystery of Christ’s incarnation.  Like others, they find an employment to earn their living and sustain their life and mission.


By saying ‘yes’ to God’s call like mature Christian women in keeping with the Congregation’s Spirit they will deepen their faith and love  and spread it among the people.  They will not be recognized as consecrated women by anyone.  But like the leaven hidden in the dough, they will live among the people and share the Kingdom values among them.  This is their ‘special call and honour’.  They will follow Christ by living the evangelical Counsels of Obedience, Poverty and Chastity.  In the world, families, workplace, Parishes, they will live their commitment discreetly and will do good to the all.  In the Parishes and the Church they will render services like the laity.


From the foundation of the Association women have been called to this way of life and have live this vocation.  But as time went on history too developed and the Church also recognized this consecrated Secular vocation and singled it out to be a unique call with its own rules and structures.  Today they are in Africa, Brazil, Canada, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Belgium and Poland and they are involved in the mission of evangelization.  In March 1988, the Holy Family consecrated Secular vocation was approved in the Archdiocese of Bordeaux in France. This was a very happy event in the history of our Association.  In May 1973, the Holy Family Consecrated Secular vocation was established in Jaffna.


In a changing world, identifying the needs in families, among depressed in the society and in keeping with the spirit of our vocation, we feel that our Founder Fr. Pierre Bienvenu Noailles is with us in every stage of our life and ministry.   Today strengthened and convinced we live our life and mission.


Our mission in the world is to be the ‘leaven’ and to be a living witness to the Spirit of God Alone. Like our Founder, we who are living in a wounded and weakened society, where culture is disintegrating, have the responsibility to help the people to face their problems, strengthen their faith, make them understand God’s love and Providential care, guide them to experience God’s presence in their life and in their society.  This is  our mission.


In our milieu we serve a broken society and are witnesses to God’s blessing and that we are strengthened by God.  We will carry forward the Charism of our Founder – “God Alone”.  We the Holy Family consecrated Secular members extend our invitation to anyone who is living a single life, to consider this way of committing your life to the mission of God in the Church.       .

Jubliee Committee

Holy Family Provincialte,