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We fulfill Jesus’ needs.


Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me”

We would like to share our experience with you all.  As the Bursar’s team, we wanted to fulfill the people’s needs  especially  the needs  of  those who were affected by the landslip in the Kosland.  The Government separated the people and kept them in two places and we chose the Miriyapaththa where the children had lost their parents and everything that belonged to them.  They have been settled temporarily   to live in an old factory.   They do not like to live there anymore because they haven’t even a home of their own. They are depending daily on charity  they receive from others.

Our Bursar’s team had come forward   to help these people.  So we sent out letters to our communities and schools to help these people.  Most of them responded positively to our request, help came in various forms like cash,  clothes, stationery and things to satisfy their hunger.

We chose Haputhale convent to arrange the things to be distributed to the poor. The sisters welcomed us and made everything comfortable for us.  We were very happy with our sisters for these two  days and made all the arrangement to distribute the things to the needy.

When we were arranging the things for this people  we were happy   because we remembered the words of Jesus “I was hungry  you gave me to eat ,I was thirst  you  gave me to drink ;I was a stranger you  welcomed me into your homes, I was naked you clothed me; I was sick and in prison  you visited me”  when we did this for this people we felt that we have done it for Jesus. So we were very happy because we had fulfilled God’s mission in some way or other.

Then we took the things in the van and went to the place where the people were. It was very far, but we did not feel tired because Jesus’ words encouraged us to give our self to the people to fulfill their needs, and also we enjoyed the beauty of God’s creation in that place.  When we reached the place the people welcomed us and helped us to keep the things inside the room. Then we spoke to the people but they did not speak much.  Then, little by little we started  visiting  the families,  only then we came to know the reason why they didn’t tell us about the landslip  because the journalist put their information in the news paper in a wrong way that is why   they were afraid  to speak to us too.  Afterwards, we explained to them about our program, then they came closer to us and shared their life story.

Later we distributed our things to the people.   Although they were in tears they welcomed us with a  smile.   This gave a chance to carry out a corporal work of mercy, and we were really happy that we could do this a act of charity to our less fortunate brethren in this Jubilee Year of Mercy.