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Priest Associates Day Celebration

Priest Associates Day Celebration

The Priest Associates of the Jaffna Unit to celebrate their feast Day had invited the members of the other branches to join them in prayer and thanksgiving.  The Apsotolic Sisters, the Secular members and Lay Associates and the Priest Associates in Jaffna happily participated in this function.  Fr. Jebaratnam conducted the Prayer Service with Fr. Emil Paul, the prayers of the faithful was said by a member from each branch.  After the prayer service the Traditional Lamp was lit by a representative from each branch.   Then Fr. J. Nicholas, the National Leader welcomed the participants and through a Power Point shared about all hat transpired in the Council of the Family from 18-25 September in Rome, since he was a participant at that meeting.   The power point was in Tamil; so all could easily follow and came to know and understand what had been lived and decided at the Council of the Family.


PURPOSE:     To review the impact of the 4th Congress of the Family – 2012

To move forward in the understanding of our identity as Family;

To discern our commitment as Family;

Characteristics which identity us as Family and the sharing that took place:

Family – strengths and limitations

Common Formation – strengths and limitations

Mission – strengths and limitations

Proposals made: Family, Common Formation and Common Mission.

Some suggestions that might help implement the decisions taken.

The Commitment made by the Council of the Family too was shared through the power point.


After the power point the floor was open for clarification and question and there were opinions expressed about coming together to work on a said project as each person their own agenda and programme, but all the same we felt the need to be more collaborative to move forward as a Family of PBN.  A clarification on the common mission was raised and clarified.   Then a proposal was put forward that as a family each one during this Jubilee Year of Mercy during should try to bring at least one person to the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  This proposal was unanimously accepted by all present and another proposal that the Lay Associates put forward was that in the meeting held on 30th January for all Zonal Animators and a representative from each zone had decided to have a day of prayer, confession and celebration of the Eucharist in St. Mary’s Cathedral, Jaffna and to go through the Jubilee door as requested by our Holy Father Pope Francis.  This day was fixed for the 5th of March 2016.  It was suggested that the other groups in the Family of PNB to join with the Lay Associates and make it a Family pilgrimage to St. Mary’s Cathedral and make it a day of prayer with the celebration of the Sacraments of Confession and Eucharist and going through the Jubilee door as the Family of PBN.  All accepted this proposal unanimously.


The meeting came to a close with a prayer of thanksgiving and singing happy feast to our Priest Associates on their special day.   This was followed with a enjoying a good cup of tea and snacks served in the Provincialate refectory.


It was indeed a joyous get together and all were happy to meet the other members of the other groups of the family to revitalize our family bonds and relationships.

Sr. M. Bonaventine Bastian