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Spirituality Team’s letter.

Our very dear Sisters,

Warm greetings to every one of you from the Spirituality Team!

This is our first contact with you. Some of you Sisters have requested us to clarify and explain certain things. Hence we have thought of giving some Guide lines from those persons experienced in Contemplative Prayer. We remember that during our Unit Chapter of 2015 and later at the Community Leaders’ gathering of June 2016, our Priorities have been “ Quest for God’ and our Spirituality’. This means that all of us are in the realization and in agreement of the urgent need for a Spiritual Revival in our Province expressed by our own Sisters- our Representatives at those Gatherings. Hence we- the members of the Spirituality Team of our Unit have undertaken the responsibility to make a study of the topic “Contemplative Prayer’ and now we are happy indeed to share the outcome with all our Communities. Therefore we invite you to take sufficient time to study what we are sending you herewith and practice the same to the best of your ability. May the Spirit of Jesus be with us and guide us in all our efforts.

To enter into this venture, of course some basic preparation is needed. May we remind you about the emphasis that was laid on and our decision to come together and sit together and the importance of our vibration affecting us! We wind up this letter with a quotation from the book “The Miracle of Being Awake” by a Vietnamese Mystic (?) Thich Nhat Hanh.

“In a family, if, there is one person who practices mindful, the entire family will be more mindful. Because of the presence of one member who lives in mindfulness the entire family in reminded to live in mindfulness. If in one class one student lives in mindfulness, the entire class is influenced.”

Wishing you all a fruitful Journey within and forward,

The Spirituality Team.